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Haunted Toaster

November 27, 2017 • Los Angeles

toastOn the Paleofuture blog, Matt Novak recently reported on a woman name June whose toaster burned satanic messages into her toast. June’s toaster sparks and shoots flames, and for some reason she refuses to stop using it or even unplug it. In 1984 she got some media attention, and like the news media today, the focus was on the entertainment value. I don’t know how June got her toaster to spark, but it’s a dramatic effect. June’s spin seems to be religious rather than paranormal (I know, there are overlaps), as her toaster informed her that “Satan Lives.” A possessed toaster is no stranger than a lot of other paranormal claims, but bringing Christianity into it demands greater proof. Many in the Roman Catholic hierarchy didn’t buy the story of Bernadette meeting an apparition of Mary, even though an industry has grown up around it at Lourdes.

Check out the haunted toaster video and decide for yourself whether it’s satanic, or just a run-of-the-mill ghost, or perhaps just a coincidence that the toaster element burned “Satan Lives” into June’s toast—like cutting open an eggplant and finding words, or a gorilla-shaped Cheeto.

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