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Chiseler with a Glass Jaw

March 31, 2019 • Los Angeles

Chiseler with a Glass JawNew today from my publisher, Dagmar Miura, a rollicking LA mystery from the one and only Chester Henry, creator of the Truman and Celeste books. The dynamic duo are up to more hijinks and skullduggery in Chiseler with a Glass Jaw . From the publisher:

“Never one to let a bully get away with harassing someone, Celeste intervenes with a knockout punch, and in the melee Truman winds up in possession of the bully’s cell phone. Through Truman’s inventive online stalking and Celeste tracking down the victim, they uncover a seedy nest of grifters bent on profiting from human misery. Truman gets involved with Isaac, a closeted lawyer with a quick temper, but how does he fit into the scam? Running down leads at hotel bars, hip boutiques, and a grimy body shop, Truman and Celeste go all in, posing undercover at a night club as wealthy airheads and getting intimate with the lowlifes to disrupt their insidious con game. Join the bar-hopping, booze-swilling duo as Celeste sets the ultimate trap at her art gallery, and Truman is forced to decide how far he’s willing to go for justice.

“In this second book in the series, Celeste finds that longtime friend Truman fills some of the gaps in companionship, leaving her the luxury of being choosier in her romantic pursuits. Truman has his own issues chasing guys, in his perpetual quest for the right man, and the pair of them manage not to get jealous when they target the same ones.”

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