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Reading Minds

November 23, 2016 • Los Angeles

fax machineAccording to MSN News, David Bowie thought Laurie Anderson could read minds. They exchanged drawings made at the same time by fax, and Anderson said they had some interesting results, creating very similar images. Their experience reflects a typical experience with psychic phenomena: it’s so compelling, but there’s no way to verify or test it using the scientific method, so we’re left with belief.

My protagonist has similar successes with his psychic powers, and crafting his experiences has me walking the same path, making them psychically realistic while leaving room for doubt. Mason is convinced that his powers are real, while Ned can shrug them off as delusional. I think they have a good relationship, but I’m sure Mason would envy the amity between Bowie and Anderson, experimenting with mind-reading.

If you haven’t experienced Anderson’s art, she is wildly talented and worth investing some time in—she has made audio recordings and a film recently. She explains succinctly to MSN how Bowie embraced his death in his last album in a short video interview.

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