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An Upcoming Slater Blunt

January 4, 2019 • Los Angeles

The Incidental TwinNew this month from Dagmar Miura, another Slater Ibáñez blunt that I had the pleasure to review and blurb, The Incidental Twin. From the publisher:

“Two women who bear a remarkable resemblance to each other are brought together in a shelter for hillside residents fleeing the California wildfires. One of them, Gloria, asks Slater for help in tracking down the other, who’s using her identity to run a shady export business. As he digs into the imbroglio, Slater turns up a series of stolen luxury cars, a garage hidden in an old church, and a whole lot of suspicious shipping containers. Not the kind of guy to keep it in his pants, Slater is soon sleeping with sweet sexy Lincoln—a penny-ante lowlife and someone he knows he can’t trust. As Slater navigates a seedy slice of the underworld, the buff mechanic thoroughly clouds his judgment. Will Slater’s libido finally get him trapped in a situation he can’t punch his way out of?”

Look for The Incidental Twin later this month!

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