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Slater Is at It Again

June 7, 2018 • Los Angeles

A Stack of SawbucksOut this week from my publisher, Dagmar Miura, is a new Slater Ibáñez book. Slater is a raunchy gay LA private eye, and George Bixley’s writing is fast-paced and fun.

From the publisher’s website: “Pulled in on a case by his business partner, Slater investigates reports of a ghost in a faded Miracle Mile apartment, where eerie noises start at the same time every night. But no one believes there’s anything supernatural going on, including the tenants—and why is there a sealed-off staircase in the middle of the living room? Using his illicit Russian tech, Slater soon discovers one of the neighbors has some dirty secrets, but the tenant upstairs presents a bigger challenge, with disproportionately sophisticated security measures. Managing his zealous sex life and aided by Andy, a new hookup, Slater tries to weasel out of his obligations to the Russians, finding himself driven to drastic measures when his partner suddenly disappears. Join Slater as he punches out knuckleheads, drinks too much, and muscles his way to the truth.”

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