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Skinwalker Ranch

July 17, 2017 • Los Angeles

Hunt for the SkinwalkerParanormal activity seems to concentrate in specific places. Well-known UFO hot spots include the Mojave Desert northeast of Los Angeles, the San Luis Valley in Colorado, and Dulce, New Mexico. A place where weird things happen beyond mere lights in the sky is the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Industrialist Robert Bigelow owned the ranch for a time and funded research into the paranormal events there. Colm Kelleher and journalist George Knapp wrote a book about it, and though officially Bigelow has moved on, some researchers believe he still owns the ranch and wants to continue the research with less public scrutiny.

The book outlines phenomena that range from annoying to terrifying, even violent. Most fascinating for me were the locals who reported a portal opening the sky over the ranch, with ships coming and going. The hole wasn’t visible from the side, as if it were two-dimensional, or from behind.

Whatever the case, the phenomenon at the ranch seems to be intelligent and intent on evading any kind of instrumental measurement. Camera batteries are instantly drained, sensors get disconnected. Perhaps part of the message is about the phenomenon only being accessible by the unaided human senses.

The website Hunt for the Skinwalker has some updates since the book came out, and even though the phenomenon may not be in public focus these days, it shows no signs of abating.

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