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New George Bixley Blunt

July 14, 2019 • Los Angeles

Brawl in BardoA new mystery out this week from my favorite raunchy gay fiction writer, George Bixley. Some of the themes that come up in Brawl in Bardo are kind of Buddhist, although Slater’s true focus seems to be his addictions. The book is described thusly by the publisher:

Helping his business partner, Max, track down a bail jumper, Slater Ibáñez spends the night in a dusty Mojave Desert town. Things look different in the liminal space between LA and Vegas, like the bardo between lives, and Slater soon finds himself stalking a sleazy dermatologist who’s in a custody battle with another croaker for a seemingly worthless statue. With high-tech surveillance and a stealthy late-night break-in, bouncing between the metropolis and Sin City, Slater zeroes in on the truth while navigating some irksome emotional entanglements and his own sobriety.

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