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Hidden From View

August 13, 2018 • Los Angeles

censored in Google MapsOne of the themes that comes up in The Mythical Blond is Nevada’s Area 51. Ostensibly a base for testing aircraft in the middle of nowhere, it was probably inevitable that a place with so many secrets would become the focus of lots o’ theorizing. Speculation escalated logarithmically in 1989 when Bob Lazar said he’d worked at Area 51 reverse-engineering alien technology. Others have said Lazar is being fed false information by a government agency as part of a disinformation campaign to keep the truth hidden.

Satellite images of Area 51 are surprisingly straightforward and uncensored, but other places around the planet clearly have been censored. An article on Gizmodo provides some examples, mostly military installations and palaces, but there are probably lots more.

Check out Mason’s exploits and more speculation about Area 51 in The Mythical Blond, out from Dagmar Miura on September 15.

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