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The FREE Experiencer Survey

March 19, 2017 • Los Angeles

The FREE experiencer surveyOne of the speakers at the 2017 International UFO Congress who seemed to get a lot of mainstream media coverage was Bob Davis, who presented research findings from a study of 2,300 people who had experiences with nonhuman entities. The most striking thing that came out of it for me was that the stereotypical alien abduction encounter as promoted in popular culture is far from accurate. For most people, encountering nonhuman entities has had a positive effect on their lives, making them more worldly and altruistic. Stereotypically the encounters are terrifying, and some experiencers do have negative experiences, but a wide majority of those who completed the survey that the results are based on considered it a positive experience. Most of the respondents had never been abducted at all, encountering the entities without being transported anywhere or boarding a craft.

To me this is a really good lesson about not generalizing, and not accepting the mainstream narrative about what’s going on and what’s important. To gain an understanding of what’s happening to contactees, we have to look at what they’re saying is happening to them.

FREE was founded by the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, one of only a dozen people to walk on the moon. Their work involves research into human consciousness, and it’s fascinating stuff, done from a scientific perspective; check it out here.

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