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New from David Osborn

May 18, 2021 • Los Angeles

cover of The Somersville BodiesOut now from Dagmar Miura is a new novel from best-selling mystery and thriller scribe David Osborn: The Somersville Bodies. Through his storied career Osborn has concocted some gripping tales, and this one captures small-town life and the fallout of the decline of local newspapers. From the publisher:

“When the bodies of a retired couple in a small town are discovered six months after their deaths, the local police chief, his lead detective, and the county coroner all rule the couple a shared suicide. One young woman police officer, however, suspects murder. Her dogged pursuit of the killer or killers against orders to desist eventually leads her to evidence that the deceased couple were silenced to cover up a major scandal at the state capitol and to a terrifying shoot-out when she finally runs the killers to earth.”

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