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UAP Flap

September 30, 2021 • Los Angeles

lights in the skyIt seems there was a UFO flap this past May that I’m only now hearing about. To use the currently recherché term, it was actually a UAP flap. Admittedly, calling it “unidentified aerial phenomenon” sounds more even-handed than “unidentified flying object,” and perhaps a new name will bring more objectivity to the field. Things do seem to be changing; the New York Times has started to cover UAPs without snickering or snark, which tells me UAPs have gone mainstream. Anyway, on May 15, 2021, there were a lot of UAP sightings around the country.

Ken Layne blew the lid off this UAP flap on his radio show, Desert Oracle Radio, also available as a podcast. On the show he talks about various eclectic aspects of the desert Southwest, sometimes including odd stuff like UAPs.

Personally I’m dialed in to UFOs over the Mojave because my protagonist, Mason, has tangled with aliens and has seen strange things in the sky over Landers, a patch of desert where UFO meetups happened regularly at Giant Rock in the 1950s and 1960s. These days Giant Rock is a graffitied mess compared to its UFO heyday, but you can still take a sound bath at the nearby Integratron, a wooden dome structure built by George Van Tassel, a UFO contactee and host of the Giant Rock meetups.

You can check out the May 15 reports from NUFORC, the National UFO Reporting Center, which lists a brief summary of each sighting. Lots of them seem to be in Washington and Oregon; a few were silver discs and a lot were strings or formations of lights, reminiscent of the Phoenix lights in 1997. Keep your eyes on the skies!

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