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A New Mason Experience

May 1, 2019 • Los Angeles

Stealth GlassesMason rides again in the tenth (tenth!) novel in the Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series. The tone is softer this time, with Mason mentoring a youngster who needs some help navigating the mean streets of LA. From the publisher’s website:

“Psychic investigator Mason is suspicious when Ortiz, a shady Navy operative from the desert, asks for his help, claiming he’s looking for his runaway teenage son, Owen. There’s more to it, he soon realizes, digging into Owen’s life, and Mason finds himself going to extreme lengths to stay off Ortiz’s radar. And who exactly is the hippie, visible in old photos but without a name, just beyond the reach of memory? With help from his talented roommate, Peggy, and his boyfriend, Ned, the scruffy flatfoot tangles with drag queens, religious extremists, a protest march, and maybe even aliens in this latest mystery in the Mason Braithwaite series.”

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