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New Hardcover Edition

April 9, 2021 • Los Angeles

cover of The Landers MystiqueMason’s most recent psychic time-traveling adventure, The Landers Mystique, is now available in a narratively mind-bending but structurally quite firm hardcover edition. Hardback books just look better on a bedside table or on a bookshelf, and they are by far the most appropriate kind of book to balance on your head while practicing your posture at finishing school, whether in Switzerland, this country, or elsewhere.

A hardcover book placed on your coffee table says clearly that you’re in it to win it—this isn’t just about the consumption of fiction; I’m working a look here, and this is a lifestyle choice.

Hardbacks are also invaluable when you need to trap a crane fly or a spider in a drinking glass and then temporarily cover the glass with a firm object that isn’t your palm until you can carry it outdoors. Technically, hardbacks rate a 9 on the bug-eviction scale, compared to a mere 6 for paperback novels and an exasperating 3 for magazines and a laughable 1 for election-mail flyers.

Get all that familiar Mason drama in a satisfying new package—check out the new format: hardcover edition on Amazon

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