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Lockdown-era Cookbook

October 30, 2020 • Los Angeles

Psychic Vegan CookbookOne side-effect of our pandemic era and the disruption it has caused to our lives is that a lot of people are getting better at cooking for themselves. If you’ve recently figured out how to turn on your stove for the first time, the companion cookbook to the Mason Braithwaite mysteries has a slew of simple and accessible vegan comfort food. Henrietta Flores put together the Psychic Vegan Cookbook; the introduction to the book explains the link to Mason thus:

“Vegan food is a big part of the Mason series, to the point that some readers said, ‘I wish there was a cookbook.’ Psychic investigator Mason has a great living arrangement, with his boyfriend, Ned, an ethical vegan who’s passionate about vegan cooking, and their roommate, the folk singer Peggy Pregnant, a renaissance woman with mad kitchen chops.

“No one is ever quite sure whether Mason gets results with actual psychic power or his more mundane flatfooting, but fueled by caffeine and great vegan cuisine, navigating the rarified heights and gritty depths of Los Angeles on his trusty bicycle, the disheveled redhead manages to resolve some intractable mysteries. The body count stays comfortably at zero in Mason’s work as he pursues crooked CEOs, grifters, and identity thieves, hunts for treasure, and tangles with strippers, aliens, Freemasons, and paranormal entities. His tools are his psychic intuition, time travel, and the odd séance, and when things go awry Ned and Peggy are usually around to help pick up the pieces.”

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