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Words to Lift By

by Bob Gold

Amid the disruption of the pandemic shutdown, Bob Gold sought a way to connect with people amidst the separation, isolation, and growing uncertainty. Teaming up with poet Ryan Ashley, the duo created a series of poems to celebrate family and friends. The works in Words to Lift By capture the spirit of its subjects in poignant and heartfelt language.

With artwork by Bonnie Lee Holland and photographs by Marcia Gold, Words to Lift By transcends the dysfunction of our era. Take a moment to explore this volume and savor the power of uplifting words.

Bob Gold & Associates

“A delightful project in what is definitely a strange time. Ashley’s poems … manage to capture the best qualities of their subjects, and a close read through this tome definitely … lifts one’s spirits.”  —Henrietta Flores, author of The Psychic Vegan Cookbook

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