David Osborn

Author David Osborn, known worldwide for his best-selling thrillers, was first and for years a screenwriter in British film studios where, along with prize-winning TV plays, he wrote nearly a score of original screenplays for as many star-studded first-feature films, one of which was nominated for an Academy Award. During the heavy Stalinist days of the 1960s and as a decorated World War II Marine Corps pilot, he assisted Czech resistance fighters behind the iron curtain in enabling important people in the arts to escape to the West. Married for many years to a once professional ballerina, now an important figure in world health, he resides in Connecticut.

By David Osborn:

The Cape Cod Blue

A Cold Wind from the Andes

Alicia’s Secret

The Head Hunters: A Medical Thriller

Delta Red

Jessica and Her Adventures in Fairyland


Cold Case 369

Ophelia and Her Forest Friends

The Somersville Bodies

Jessica and the Witch’s Broom

Jessica and the Flying Unicorns

Jessica and the Golden Swan Feather

The Lighthouse

The Saugatuck Conspiracy

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