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Books from Dagmar Miura in the children genre

Lili l’Abeille

by C. M. Potter

Lili aimerait te raconter sa vie dans la ruche. C’est une très vaillante petite abeille qui habite avec sa maman et ses milliers de sœurs et frères. La vie n’est pas facile pour Lili et sa famille. Elle se demande ce que leur réserve le futur. Sa maman lui a dit qu’ils partiront en vacances mais elle ne sait ni quand ni comment. La seule chose qu’elle a entendu dire par deux vieilles abeilles c’est qu’il y aurait un essaim en effervescence. Tu découvras la vie de Lili l’Abeille et de sa famille au fil des saisons dans l’attente des vacances.

“L’histoire est charmante ! Elle nous fait découvrir la vie de nos amies les abeilles. Lili l’Abeille est un livre qui est non seulement un vrai plaisir pour les enfants mais aussi c’est aussi un livre éducatif qui permet de mieux comprendre qui elles sont. Que l’on soit jeune ou moins jeune, il est important que nous soutenions ces petites créatures exceptionnelles.”  —Patricia Snow Ferris, auteur, A Most Curious Destiny

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Ophelia and Her Forest Friends

by David Osborn

Ophelia is a little girl who lives deep in a far-off great forest where her widowed father is a woodcutter and her home a tiny cottage with a thatched roof and flower-filled window boxes. Blessed at birth by fairies, she is friends with all the little forest animals who live around her, and with no school or other children to fill her playtimes, she is never lonely, sharing adventures with many, like Sammy Skunk, Rory Raccoon, Oscar Owl, Betsy Bunny, Patrick Porcupine, Benjamin Beaver, and others—all joining with her in keeping their forest home peaceful and safe.

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Alicia’s Secret

by David Osborn

Meet three remarkable women who excelled in times when men dominated everything.

Alicia, a young American girl in England, visits an old churchyard and evokes Elvira, a sprightly, mischievous young ghost who in turn introduces her to three women from three critical moments in history, when each triumphed in a male-dominated society.

Considered the greatest English queen, Matilda of Flanders came from Normandy with William the Conqueror as the key strategist for the Conquest as well as his guiding light in the politics and culture of her era. Sofonisba Anguissola was an accomplished Renaissance artist who studied with Michelangelo and became his protégé and collaborator, and Lucie Dillon, once a lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette at Versailles, barely escaped the Terror and the dreaded guillotine to farm in the new United States for a time before returning to France to advise and aid Napoleon. In their own words, these ghostly women describe their widely different lives and loves, and the three periods in which they lived—the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the French Revolution.

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“As commercial and exciting a novel as can be found today.… It is shocking, savage, and graphic, a cruel book that spares little in detail. There is unbearable suspense, headlong action, and ends with a final ironic twist that will leave the reader gasping. Osborn is a master storyteller and his remorseless style matches his remorseless narrative.…”  —Abilene Reporter News, reviewing David Osborn’s Open Season

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The Shiny Penny

by Bob Gold and Marcia Gold

Is a single penny worth something? Who would value it? Can you imagine that anyone might think a penny was the most desirable thing in the world to possess? Like all things, value is perceived in the eye of the beholder, and this book was designed to teach our children the value of money, and more importantly, that even the smallest thing can have an enormous impact on many. We all touch people we don’t even know.

Bob Gold made up bedtime stories to tell his children; some were written down, and some forgotten. The Shiny Penny is a Gold family favorite. We hope it will become a favorite in your home too.

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Raph’s Tale

by Dan Shapiro, MD

Raph and Hawk are two birds of a different feather. Raph can’t fly. Hawk soars high. Together, they build a boat and journey up-river. Raph comes ashore and meets two new friends, Dog and Turtle. Dog runs too fast. Turtle moves too slow. Raph, balancing in between, rides a unicycle. They set off on an excursion. But a mountain blocks their path. For the love of Tambalacoque fruit, what to do? Follow the tails of Raph, Hawk, Dog, and Turtle as they learn important lessons about diversity, friendship, and resilience.

The author and illustrator are also two birds of a different feather. Dr. Dan is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician. John Watkins-Chow is a math teacher–artist. Combining stories from their first two books, Raph’s Tale is an inspiring and richly illustrated adventure.

Bonus: Make your own coloring book! The last two pages of the book provide black-and-white pictures for children to fill in as they like. Go to to download all the original drawings and create your own Raph’s Tale Coloring Book.

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Bee-n-Bee Vacation

by C. M. Potter

Lil Bee wants you to know her story. She’s a hardworking little bee who lives with her mom and thousands of sisters and a few brothers too. Life isn’t easy being Lil Bee. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her and her family. Her mom told her that they are going to go on a vacation, but she doesn’t know when or where. She has also heard some of the older bees buzzing on about a swarm. Join Lil Bee through the seasons as she prepares for the exciting family vacation.

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“Such a charming and educational story about our friends, the bees. Bee-n-Bee Vacation will delight children while teaching them about the important role bees play in our lives. Whether young or old, we all need to support the preservation of this amazing creature!”  —Patricia Snow Ferris, author of A Most Curious Destiny

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Jessica and Her Adventures in Fairyland

by David Osborn

Fiery dragons, witches, goblins, and wizards don’t stop Jessica, a little girl who lives with her mother in the poorest part of a great city, from endless adventuring in the magic of Fairyland and other faraway places.

Join her and enchanting fairyland friends in five thrilling stories. In one she overcomes pirates and ogres to defeat an evil sorceress, and in another defies monster spirits and faces down a wicked witch to free a fairy princess from savage goblins.

Be with her in a lovely fairyland refuge saving long-forgotten toys from a terrible fate, and yet again when in a battle of wits, she defeats an all-powerful wizard to restore a lost dragon child to its mother. Don’t miss a final adventure in which, ever undaunted, she braves killer trees, bedouin robbers, and a fearful yeti tyrant to rescue old fairyland friends from imminent peril in the circus of a cruel and merciless clown.

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“Watch out Dorothy, here comes Jessica …”  —New South Wales Register

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