Truth, Lies and Love in Advertising

The Truth, Lies and Love in Advertising series from Adele Royce

Princess Smile

by Adele Royce

This is how it all started. Princess Smile is the prequel to Camera Ready, narrated by lovable but flawed Jane Mercer. Jane struggles with her self-image while reaching for the stars in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles advertising. As she claws her way up to the position of Director of Accounts at the ad agency, Warren Mitchell & Associates, her career goals force her into fierce competition with her colleagues. When Jane is coerced to comply with a client’s unreasonable and sordid requests, she frantically seeks an escape.

Enter the savagely handsome Craig Keller, managing partner of rival agency Keller Whitman Group. Jane has admired him from afar, and he’s taken a sudden interest in her, offering a prestigious high-paying position along with a long list of benefits that only existed in her wildest dreams. Jane is willingly lured into Craig’s professional and romantic web, quickly learning that his money, attention, and affection come with an even higher price—one she is not sure she can pay.

A high-stakes tale of ambition, friendship, secrets, brutality, and desire, Princess Smile is a must-read for the contemporary woman.

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Princess Smile is an engrossing read that keeps us cringing and cheering with Jane Mercer as she strives to make her mark in the advertising industry. Is she good enough? Is she pretty enough? Are the other women she encounters friends or competitors? Is advancement worth enduring harassment? Why is she more attracted to the dangerous bad boy than the nice guy? Women who have worked in the corporate world will see themselves in Jane and fall under the fast-paced spell of this novel”  —Lori Swick, author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming—The Sacred Art

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For Position Only

by Adele Royce

For Position Only, the sequel to Camera Ready, is an evocative tale of one man’s sin and redemption—woven into the fabric of the advertising business, where lies run rampant and the truth is manipulated.

Craig Keller is LA’s preeminent ad man: wealthy, powerful, and a notorious playboy. At least, that is what he’d like everyone to think. In reality Craig’s business is plummeting at the hands of blonde bombshell and spurned ex-girlfriend Hayden Towne. He is also haunted by the gruesome death of his brother, which occurred under suspicious circumstances.

Craig’s only chance to salvage his career is to propose a partnership with longtime rival Warren Mitchell, his former mentor, whose business Craig cavalierly took down in the past. Although Craig’s advertising prowess can catapult Warren’s business to the top of the market, Craig’s womanizing reputation comes with a price. Craig is specifically warned to avoid Jane Mercer, Craig’s ex-lover, and Warren’s agency partner.

Craig has privately carried a torch for Jane for years—despite her visceral hatred of him. Her presence is a painful reminder that he lost the one woman he always wanted because he treated her so badly. As the barriers between them slowly break down, Craig is now faced with the ultimate dilemma: if he dives into a relationship with Jane, his livelihood is in jeopardy. If he rejects her, he will miss out on his one true love.

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“Craig Keller is that tall, gorgeous, sexy, and ridiculously rich S.O.B. that really could sell the chrome off a bumper. Though our friends and families warned us to avoid him at all costs, Royce’s leading man reels us in against our will with his sophisticated charm and professional finesse. Once firmly under his spell, we witness the underside of his tortured soul. We root for him as he tries to work out his own salvation, taking every wrong turn along the way. But, after he turns his back on love, he inadvertently learns to love himself. For Position Only is an emotional roller coaster of glamour, greed, loss, love, and transformation.”  —Lori Swick, author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming: The Sacred Art

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Camera Ready

by Adele Royce

Camera Ready offers a compelling version of a love triangle at its center, as L.A. executive Jane Mercer follows a tortuous path toward her version of the American dream.

Jane finally has her life together. She is vice president of accounts at the advertising agency Warren Mitchell & Partners. She has a stable long-term relationship with classical violinist Derek Lowell and a bright future full of family, close friends, and success. But a surprise encounter with Craig Keller—managing partner of Keller Whitman Group and a powerful advertising magnate—stirs up emotions from her disastrous liaison with him two years earlier. This meeting and an unexpected photo of the two in a popular tabloid topples her secure world, threatening to destroy everything she’s worked to gain.

As Jane anxiously watches, Keller Whitman Group buys out her employer, resulting in the savagely handsome Craig becoming Jane’s new boss. In addition to his alluring yet reprehensible behavior, he now has authority and control over her. Jane feels her autonomy stripped away as Craig ties her promotion to a consensual relationship with him. Worse still, Jane’s visceral attraction to him still burns, despite her wishes to keep him in her past. Forced to face up to her emotional bondage to Craig, Jane must find inner strength to live with integrity—or risk sinking into the morass of decadence and greed that is Keller Whitman Group.

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“Riveting, vulnerable, wicked—the Truth, Lies and Love in Advertising series is fun, Fendi, and all the other f-words in between.”  —Doug Elfman, author, journalist, and award-winning critic (former writer for Las Vegas Review-Journal and Chicago Sun-Times)

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