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Messages from Sam: A Daughter’s Insights on Our Lives Here – And Her Life in Heaven

by Beverly Holliday

What happens to our loved ones when they die? Can we communicate with them? How do they spend their time?

After her daughter, Sam, passed away, Beverly Holliday sought answers to these questions. Through divine guidance, she found professional mediums who helped her connect with her daughter on the other side. These dialogues comforted and healed Beverly while illuminating an existence beyond earthly life. She devoted several years to recording and transcribing her conversations with her daughter, with the mission of sharing Sam’s messages—to bring hope and comfort to others who are grieving or seeking guidance.

This true story offers a glimpse into Beverly’s life as the mother of a gentle, compassionate child who left this world unexpectedly. Throughout the book, Sam shares her insights about her time on earth and many fascinating and uplifting details about her life in heaven. These messages from Sam have dramatically changed Beverly’s view on life, the afterlife, and losing her child—transforming her grief into joy.

“This is an author and a story you can trust. A fascinating, moving, and inspiring memoir about love, faith, and courage. This book taught me a lot about life after death—which, in turn, changed my life for the better.”  —T. R. Watson, novelist

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Glad to Be a Ladd

by Marilyn Ladd

Experience with me what life was like living with thirteen other family members in a two-bedroom, one-bath house in a typical 1950s middle-class, postwar American neighborhood. This story is an unusual combination of revealing autobiography, insightful self-help, and handy classroom teacher’s guide.

Survive rides with me and my mother and eight siblings on summer vacations to Southern California beaches and campgrounds in our 1950 two-door, two-tone green Plymouth station wagon. Join the fourteen of us for a typical family dinner in our moderate-size kitchen that was designed for six. Accompany my very pregnant mother on a bus in 1945 to Fresno to stay with the in-laws she had never met before while my dad awaited his Army discharge orders.

Anyone born between 1946 and 1960 will find a delightful nostalgic journey down the baby boomers’ memory lane. Others might use the story of my personal failures and subsequent triumphs to create value and positive changes in life. Teachers may find my suggested supplemental teaching techniques valuable to incorporate into the classroom.

Enjoy this book. I wrote it as a clear and compelling testimony describing my childhood recollections that convey to you why I am Glad to Be a Ladd.

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Winner of the 2016 IPPY Award

Ippy Award

The Bone Bridge: A Brother’s Story

by Yarrott Benz

We all wonder if we would do the right thing if called upon … even if it meant risking our own lives and sense of self. In The Bone Bridge: A Brother’s Story, author Yarrott Benz is forced to deal with extraordinary self-sacrifice. This is the harrowing account of teenage brothers, as different as night and day, trapped together in a dramatic medical dilemma—a modern miracle and a modern nightmare. The only case like it in history, the true story unfolds over thirteen years as the two brothers navigate through their enmeshed lives with all that they feel for each other: hatred and love, rejection and acceptance, disdain and respect. Despite painful and violent conflicts, Yarrott must bear the full responsibility of keeping his brother alive. In our world of the individual, where careerism, ego and personal gain are key, The Bone Bridge describes a vastly different human situation. It is a beautifully crafted, affecting story, honest and raw, and also one in which the reader invariably asks, What would I have done?

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2016 IPPY Award Gold Medalist for Memoir

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“Part family memoir, part medical thriller, part coming out story—Benz has a remarkable tale to tell and he tells it beautifully. I cannot recommend it too highly.”  —Christopher Bram, author of Gods and Monsters and Eminent Outlaws

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The Sasquatch People: Guardians of the Earth

by Leanna R Saylor

My husband Jerry and I stayed busy seven days a week running our commercial construction company. After we moved out to the country, we enjoyed the peace and quiet during our off-work hours. More than a decade later, extraordinary things began happening.

“There was one big question I asked myself over and over, but I knew an answer was not forthcoming. I was all alone—or was I … ?”

“This book contains some of the most powerful and moving stories I’ve ever heard about working with other beings and dimensions. Learning about the Sasquatch has changed my life—and I am so excited for other readers to have the same experience.”  —Teja Rhae Watson, author of Light Reclaimed: Billie Knight

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