Billy Blood

Finalist in the 2016 Rainbow Awards

Rainbow Award

Billy Blood

by Christopher Church

A fender-bender on the freeway gets psychic investigator Mason entangled with Catherine, an enigmatic visitor from DC—but who, exactly, does she work for? Trying to track her down, he runs across Billy Blood, a Los Angeles company that markets a stomach-churning “lifestyle drink” made with animal blood, and goes to work for its shady CEO to find out who has been vandalizing the product. Recruited by Hanh, an old friend from the psychic world, to rescue a lost colleague, Mason meets an ally with serious dirt on the company, and manages to dredge up some of his own. And why is Catherine so interested in his research work for Billy Blood? Hounded by the media and mortified to see his face on the news, Mason battles a billion-dollar corporation, sharpening his psychic skills and wrestling with a dilemma most of us face at one time or another—doing what’s convenient versus doing what’s right.

Backed by his boyfriend, Ned, and their roommate, Peggy, who are almost always willing to help him out, this fourth book in the Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series sees the bicycle-commuting detective using his psychic insight, along with a newfound experimental hypnosis technique, on the seedy side of the West Coast entertainment industry

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Selected praise:

“Church’s exquisite details, simple yet powerful, make the book’s supernatural scenes believable, even as they defy logic. His intelligent writing allows a surprisingly complex story to unfold with the perfect integrity of an origami animal.”  —Yarrott Benz, author of The Bone Bridge and 2016 IPPY Award gold medalist

“May we see more of Mason, his unabashedly psychic detective, and a lot more of Church’s no-nonsense plotting. I loved it—couldn’t put it down.”  —David Osborn, best-selling author of Open Season, Murder on Martha’s Vineyard, and The French Decision

“Mason is a hero like none who have come before him: a sensitive, queer P.I. whose only weapon is his intuition. This book turns the detective genre on its head and makes you think about the ninety percent of your brain you’re not using.”  —Teja Watson, author of Attic.doc

“Thanks to Christopher Church for giving us another exciting and well written adventure with one of my new heroes.”  —Amos Lassen,

“The paranormal aspect is subtle and stays within the realm of (maybe) possible. The point, though, is that Mason believes in it and follows his intuition through the twists and turns of the plot.… I’m so glad I started reading this series.”  —Zoe E. Masongsong

“The story has a fun and familiar aesthetic, as the characters sound like people I’d be friends with. The twists of the story are clever, and if you’re anything like me, you will not see them coming. I really enjoyed this book!”  —An Amazon reader

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