Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky

by Christopher Church

A bougie addict and his wife hire Mason to hunt for buried loot, but he’s not even sure it exists. His psychic insights lead him to an old building with a lot to hide, as well as trying to outwit a Freemason, and getting tangled up with a woman who claims to be rooting out corruption in local government—but why does she need a psychic to do that? Working undercover for her at city hall, he runs up against some vicious civil servants who will stop at nothing to protect the status quo.

The third installment of the Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series finds the bicycle-riding psychic investigator gaining confidence in using his newfound reality-distorting research techniques, struggling with his own rapid evolution while being drawn into unexpected peril as he navigates the shiny heights and gritty underbelly of Los Angeles. Despite his instinct to blame his boyfriend for getting involved with shady people, Ned is always there to provide insight and help pick up the pieces, and their roommate, Peggy, is back on stage and more pregnant than ever. With deft manipulation, Mason cuts through the lies and exposes secrets that are both dark and twisted and incredibly inspiring.

Selected praise:

“In the world of crime fiction, few come up with true originality. But Christopher Church has, and with exciting imagination.… Keep reading—you won’t regret a single gripping page.”  —David Osborn, best-selling author of Open Season, Murder on Martha’s Vineyard, and The French Decision

“Church has vividly constructed a world peopled with characters I did not want to leave behind when I finished the book, a thrilling adventure through a Los Angeles underneath and beyond what we may already know. Church’s exquisite details are simple yet powerful … intelligent writing allows a surprisingly complex story to unfold with the perfect integrity of an origami animal.”  —Yarrott Benz, author of The Bone Bridge

“Mason is really becoming a detective as he deals with his own paranormal powers yet he has to decide if he is going to let those powers be part of who he is.… Thanks to Chris Church for giving us another exciting and well-written adventure with one of my new heroes.”  —Amos Lassen,

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