The Melted Pineapple

The Melted Pineapple

by Christopher Church

Confronted with a hidden space in the walls of his new office, Mason tracks down Astrid Luna, the architect who renovated the building, and with the help of his boyfriend, Ned, and their roommate, Peggy, soon gets inside the void—but their discovery only raises more questions. Researching the original architect, Mason asks the ever-inscrutable paranormal overseer Hanh to help him bleed through to the past, where he can ask the guy to explain what’s going on. Connecting with some old friends, including a drag queen that he doesn’t recognize without a dress on, Mason manages to figure out the purpose of the space and the mystical object within, eventually returning to the building and maybe even putting the final piece of the puzzle in place

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Selected praise:

“Here we go again—a terrific psychic detective novel. Church doesn’t miss in this page-turning winner.”  —David Osborn, best-selling author of Murder on Martha’s Vineyard, Love and Tresason, and others

“My favorite Mason Braithwaite books are the ones with a time-travel element, and The Melted Pineapple doesn’t disappoint. I covet the plucky redhead’s paranormal chops!”  —Chester Henry, author of When the Contralto Sings

“I wish there were more hawt gay guys with good manners, guys like Mason, floating around LA. Part of the fun in this book is that he gets deeply immersed in occult architecture—and yes, that’s a thing.”  —George Bixley, author of the Slater Ibáñez books

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