Selling Strategically: A 21st-Century Playbook

Selling Strategically: A 21st-Century Playbook

by Terry Barge

In this post-recessionary era, sales professionals in every business-to-business sector must “up their game” significantly in order to create sustainable success for their organisations and themselves. Selling Strategically – A 21st-Century Playbook provides a proven and practical journey through the pivotal sales “upgrades” necessary to achieve and sustain revenue growth and profitability in a demanding and highly competitive 21st-century business environment.

This book provides both the “Why?” and the “How?” of “selling strategically” and tracks why this business-to-business sales methodology can play a key role in delivering sales success for forward-thinking organisations. It introduces the role of the Sales Strategist and delves deeply into the four key attributes that define that role.

And to ensure that the book’s key sales principles can be applied immediately, there is a unique, step-by-step Playbook that provides the essential “how to” steps.

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Selected praise:

“Whether you are a new business developer, a seasoned professional, or head of a sales organization, Selling Strategically is a must-read in order to adapt to today’s rapidly changing market. Terry Barge has imparted tremendous expertise in this highly engaging sales playbook. You’d better read this, because your competitors will!”  —Christopher Rice, President, BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies

Selling Strategically is an excellent roadmap for Sales Executives and Sales Managers, equipping them to meet the increasingly sophisticated and structured requirements of today’s customers. I found the “Relationship Manager” and “Competitor Analyst” chapters particularly interesting and of value, and the examples given throughout the book are very relevant and excellent memory joggers for future reference. We will certainly recommend this book to our clients.”  —Phil Green,Director, Afinagri Ltd.

“Everyone involved with sales has to keep on top of their game and maintain the focus to reach their targets. Selling Strategically will help both new and experienced salespeople to achieve this. It is well written and one can easily recognise the sales situations that need to be mastered. The advice and guidance given from experiences gained over many years and from many in sales will surely help the reader keep improving and lead to sales success!”  —Richard Kelly, Managing Director, Alfa Laval KK

“As the quintessential purchasing style of old evolves, Terry challenges us to adapt our sales approach to be in line with a contemporary market in a pragmatic and relevant way. Terry shares examples from his experience as a tenured sales professional, positioning his learnings into a concise document that guides the reader to partner with their customers in a collaborative way, yielding mutual benefit for both buyer and seller.”  —Scot Aitcheson, Director Major Accounts, NACCO Materials Handling Ltd.

“The first thing to say about Selling Strategically is that this book is “bite size”, a real winner for me, as a busy manager. Even though I am a Logistics Manager, the concepts and thoughts challenged my thinking and I will find myself considering aspects over and over. It is full of concepts that any supply chain professional would find useful, it is not just for the salesperson. One statement that resonated was, “identify the threats and challenges the customer will encounter on their journey towards their goal”. I really wish salespeople would take the time to explore these kinds of issues with me when I am, so often, the customer.It’s a great read and one that I will do again and again!”  —David Hiscox, Logistics Manager,Numatic International

“There are two key barriers to winning sales: not gaining enough information, and secondly, not connecting with the hidden informal influencers. Terry addresses these barriers head-on and reveals the secrets to overcoming them with practical, pragmatic tools that have been proven to work in many must-win opportunities. If you want to know the secrets to driving up average order values, increasing win rates, and shortening sales cycles, then Terry’s Selling Strategically will give you all the tools you need.”  —Simon Collyer, Managing Partner, UPp Business Results

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