Sales Value Propositions: The Cutting Edge

Sales Value Propositions: The Cutting Edge

by Terry Barge

Sales Value Propositions are among the most effective sales tools available to business-business salespeople when it comes to building and sustaining credibility and rapport with customers and prospects. At the same time, they are frequently overlooked and consequently underutilised at every level of the organisation, especially by sales and marketing professionals. This book explains and positions the powerful role and proven effectiveness of Sales Value Propositions in advancing customer relationships and winning sales opportunities.

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Selected praise:

“Now more than ever is there a need to have a salesforce that thinks beyond the immediate need to sell. To create an interaction with your customer that provides mutual value is imperative on the commercial stage. Being able to shift the customer’s mind-set to one of value creation is the key to long term repeat trading based on trust, accountability, and knowledge. Having ‘Sales Value Propositions: The Cutting Edge’ as a reference guide with intelligent insight and examples is a fabulous way to repeat and practice this vital commercial strategy.”  —Rob Glasper, UK National Customer Service Manager

“Since my sales team have learnt the technique of writing a successful SVP, they now have the tools to clearly differentiate themselves by understanding the customer and their requirements, whilst demonstrating credibility and a return on investment.”  —Mark Berry, Sales Director, Jade Solutions (UK) Limited

“If you want to give an organisation or individual ‘the irresistible reason’ to do business with you, then read ‘Sales Value Propositions: The Cutting Edge’. It explains the importance why and how to get their attention immediately – straight to the point in a clear succinct way using a personalised précis that they can use and anyone in their organisation can understand.… The five component parts of the Sales Value Proposition in this book are simple and they work! In my experience they deliver the most successful results of any value proposition that I have used or seen.”  —Craig Spencer (F.Aps), Sales Director, Southern District, Neopost UK

“Sales Value Propositions: the Cutting Edge is an essential read for any sales professional or customer facing executive wanting to succeed in business today. Throughout the book, you benefit from a practical ‘how-to’ approach that is geared to helping you succeed. For a customer-centric and successful sales approach, start applying the five stages to your value propositions and be amazed at how it will influence your successes. Enjoy the read, and happy selling.”  —Vanessa Walmsley, Operations Director EMEA – Vizrt

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